I am a Brighton based documentary photographer and began photographing professionally over 15 years ago, having previously used photography as a tool in my fine art work.  I love the immediacy of photography and took an HND in photomedia in the mid 90’s to further develop my appreciation of photography as an art form. This academic journey has continued throughout my career culminating in my receiving an MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from the LCC in 2013.

In 2015  I was shortlisted for the CIWEM Enviromental Photographer of the Year. I am also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

You can hear more about me and my work on Documentary Photography Review

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More about me

Having grown up in North Africa my eagerness to travel and desire for adventure is deep rooted. This hunger has taken me to Antarctica to work on a project about my ancestor the polar explorer Belgrave Ninnis (1887-1912), and to the Arctic to satisfy my own polar dreams. Following my keen interest in history I am also pursuing a project linking my own personal family to that of the current anniversary of the 1914 Anzio Landings (WWII) entitled ‘pilgrimages of memories’, about the story of the last days of my grandfather and the part he played in the campaign, where he was mortally wounded and his journey during the last days of his life.

My first assignment before I had left college was to document the work of the Romanian Orphanage Trust after the fall of the Ceausescu regime. Thousands of children had been forced to live in huge state run orphanages due to the regime’s policy on children. Families were forced to have more than one child and were often unable to afford to look after them, therefore giving them up for the cold winter months of the year, if not permanently to these horrendous unforgiving orphanages. This gave me an ongoing passion for humanitarian issues and in 2000 I was sent back to cover the charity’s work in 5 other Eastern European Countries. These were Kosovo, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. Each country struggling with different and difficult issues involving children. I have since covered projects for other Non Profits including Merlin, The Lutheran World Federation, Shelterbox, The Children’s Trust and Everychild (to name a few).

My ethos, taken from my fine art background, is to compose through the lens, using available light, recreating what is in front of me as closely and as ascetically as possible. With my passion for humanitarian and human-interest issues I aim to produce work as a sensitive observer, as with my recent body of work, ‘Food bank Britain’. This project documents the daily struggle of ordinary folk caught in the vicious cycle of food poverty in Britain through the eyes of beneficiaries and foodbank volunteers. Britain’s hidden hunger is difficult to spot and often hard to understand. Difficult to spot due to the ‘visual’ of poverty in this country, and hard to understand because we have a welfare state which is supposed to support those on the margins of society.

I am currently working on a story called "The Road to Mote". Mote - pronounced Mowtee - was where my mother worked as a famine relief nurse during the Ethiopian famine of 84-85. I have since returned and seen a once tiny cut off village become a blossoming little town. 

Most recently I have spent 6 weeks in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) for Save the Children, working on their Global Hunger crisis, providing both stills and video.


The Lutheran World Federation    I    Oxfam    I    Merlin (now part of Save the Children)    I    Shelterbox    I    Everychild     I    Mama Zipporah    I    The Trussell Trust     I    Starfish    I    Shelterbox     I    Conde Nast Traveller    I    The Independent    I   The Times    I    The Guardian    I   Rowan    I    Extreme    I   Alhoa (Netherlands)    I    Research Magazine    I    Woods Silverfleet     I     Devereux Chambers     I    Brighton Mitre Cycle Club     I     Hunt Wheels    I   II Stone Chambers     I    Hallgarten Druitt     I    Oddbins    I    Rifco Arts     I    Sussex Sports Photography                        


Solo Shows:

  • 2003 – The Stonemasons Arms, London - Various
  • 2003 – The Masons Arms, London - Various 
  • 2001/2 – The Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge - Antarctica
  • 2001 – The Royal Geographical Society,  London - Antarctica
  • 1998 – English Language Centre, Naples, Italy _ Quatieri Spagnoli

Group Shows:

  • 2016 - The Royal Geographical Society, London - Enviromental Photographer of the year finalist
  • 2016 - Photoscratch, Hotel Elephant, London - The Road to Mote
  • 2013 – London College of Communication, London - Food Bank Britain
  • 2011 – Outwood Community Centre, Surrey - Various
  • 2001 – Association of Photographers, London - Antarctica
  • 2000 – European Parliament, Brussels - Work for Everychild
  • 2000 – The walk gallery, London - Eastern Europe
  • 1997 – The Walk Gallery, London - Quatieri Spagnoli
  • 1996 – The Crypt, St Martin in the Fields - Romanian Orphanage Trust


  • 2016 - Shortlisted for the Environmental Photographer of the Year
  • 2011 – Commended – Leica Barrack Award
  • 1996 – Runner up – Elle fashion Award
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